Chronologic of Attacks, Beatings and Murder of Farmer’s Activist in Lubuk Mndarsah, District Tebo – Province Jambi

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Thursday, 05 March 2015 11:57

On Friday, February 27th, 2015, a community member of Sekato Jaya farmer groups along with the organizer was not allowed to pass the company gate by the security, Zulkifli, and URC ( Rapid Response Unit) of PT . Wirakarya Sakti, in subsidiary of APP, who guard at the twin post 803 with a reason that they must have permission from the company. At the same time, there is also the head of Farmers Group Sekato Jaya, M.Jais and an organizer, Dodi.  Jais and Dodi asked the security a letter that stated that community is not allowed to pass the post. The security cannot show the letter and still do not want to open the portal. Finally the security told us or advice us to open portals by ourselves. Then, the head of the farmer groups open the portal so that the community’s car, Mitsubishi L300, that is transporting cookware and groceries for harvest prayer can pass the gate.

At 14:00 PM. Indra, the victim, picked up Nick Karim (Team of WALHI Jambi) by using a motorcycle GL Pro at Simpang Niam who just came from Jambi city. About 16:03 PM, Indra and Nick Karim arrived at the WKS Twin Security Post and was stopped by 2 of the URC Team (Rapid Response Unit) of PT. WKS, then they ask to the victim and Nick Karim “Where are you going?”, Answered by Nick Karim “Going into”, then URC yelled to the victim and said the words “Kau nih belagak nian !!! “(You really whiz), then Indra answered “Apo Bang”(what are you saying?), the URC directly hit Indra on the back followed by five (5) others URC. Nick Karim tried to stop but unsuccessful because of the amount of the URC is too much, then Nick Karim asked one of the WKS securities who are wearing uniform at the post to help stop the beating to the victim, but no response. Then Nick Karim was pulled by some old men who were near the post to escape and told Nick to seek a help from village of Mandarsah, Pelayang Tebat. Nick Karim arrived in the hamlet Pelayang Tebat around 16:28 PM asking for a help and told villagers that Indra was beaten by URC of PT. WKS. Knowing this information, 30 villagers directly go to the location and arriving around 16:30 pm, when they reached the post MR. Indra (victim) was not there. Villagers asked the security (MR. Zulkifli) in the post “Is it true that Indra was beaten and taken to district 8?”, the security answer “I do not know, please just ask to members of the URC”. When the community asked the URC, the URC team is equipped with a sharp weapon (Parang/Sword and Knife). Villagers is still asking “where Indra”, URC team answered, “I do not know, nothing happen here”. Finally villagers asked back the security, MR. Zulkifli, at the post and security explained that Indra has been taken to district 8 using URC patrol cars. Because villagers are disappointed with Securities, and URC, they expelled them from the post. In the post, villagers find sharp weapons such as swords and knives. After that, villagers dismissed and returned to the land.

Team of WALHI Jambi, Abdullah and Dodi, who was in the field (17:00), called Rudi WALHI Jambi who was on his way to Lubuk Mandarsah, to immediately contact the company requesting its responsibility of the missing of Indra and the beating. Rudi contacted the company, and demanded to release Indra and its responsibility about the incident.

Around 19.00 PM, the community try to get into the camp site around the community lands. Upon arriving at the camp, Community met with the head of URC, MR. Afrizal, and ask about Indra. The head of the URC stated we do not know anything about the incident, we just stay in the camp. With no suspicion, the community back to the command post of farmer groups to discuss and have a dinner. After that, the community back to the camp and found none, and the people still stand by in the field while waiting for Indra news.

Since the news obtained, Rudi kept communication with the company to ensure the existence of Indra. Chairman of PT. Wirakarya Way contacted (Slamet irianto, Kurniawan and other leaders) answered at about 20:00 PM that their team is still looking for the victim. The company also didn’t know where the position of the URC that was taking Indra. Akiet (head of security PT.WKS) who met with Rudi at twin post about 21:30 PM also do not know where the position of the victim and where the URC took Indra. Communication continues until morning.

Around 22:00 PM, Nick Karim, friend of the victim, came to the location of the public lands and told the chronological events to the community, and at that time the police of intelligence Police at Tebo came to inquire about the incident.

Around 01.00 AM, February 28, 2015 , Vice Police Regionalof Tebo, Kapolsek Tebo Ilir , Kapolsek Tengah Ilir, and Kasatserse came to the community to discuss. The attending of the police is to ensure that this incident has been legally handled by the police. So ask the community to be calm and patient, and also ask friend of Indra, Nick Karim, to be able to come to the police station to make a police report. The process of report at he police office carried out at Tengah Ilir police station.

On February 28th, 2015 around 09.00 PM, the head of security, MR. Akiet called Rudi WALHI Jambi and reported that Indra was found dead about 7 km from the district 8 office and now is in the process of evacuation by the police. Rudi called Detective and Crime Police of Tebo to ensure about the information and the Police informed that it was found the victim with curly hair characteristics, wearing a short pan with contusion and incision throughout the body, puncture marks with a sharp object, mouth closed with the clothes, hands and feet bounded, now the body were taken to the hospital Tebo for post mortem and autopsy. After getting information from the Police of Tebo, Rudi WALHI Jambi went to the hospital to make sure the victim. Upon arriving at the hospital immediately recognized that the dead body is MR. Indra.


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